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Customers with accounts linked to their phone can access lines and sports wagering with their account number. Customers can wager on football, basketball, horses, tennis, horse races, soccer, rugby, snooker, cricket, MMA, UFC, Stock Market, Olympics, and many, many more.

Everyone should keep in mind that every event is different in the wagering realm. Below we will discuss various betting rules, discussing the major sports primarily.


Sports wagers can range from $0.50 to $5,000, but we reserve the right to reduce or exceed these limits at any time. There is a maximum payout of $150,000 on parlay, teaser, RIF chain, or IF wagers. Some accounts may be tagged for unlimited parlay payouts with prior approval. This removes the account from bonus eligibility.

Proposition bets require all participants to be in play for action wagers. Management grades special propositional wagering offerings for events (such as the Super Bowl, World Series, championship games, etc) based on digital recordings of live broadcasts.

Wagers placed on events with erroneous lines caused by human error will be graded either voided or no action. Line error is decided on the discretion of BetAnySports. This includes, but is not limited to: backwards lines, typos, misspellings, price errors, incorrect wordings, incorrect team/players listed in matchups.

Should a line with an error not be voided before the event begins, Management reserves the right to alter or remedy the odds to return the market price to a fair value, as long as it is a price which would have been available when the wager was placed. This remedy can be applied during or after an event. Odds will be changed to show the corrected lines, but risk amount, applicable spread, and total will be unchanged. Players will never benefit from erroneous lines and we will not tolerate any repeat offenders. In the case erroneous wording results in neither option wining, it will be graded as no action. The same goes for Matchup lines in which both options can win. Correlated plays can be voided or split at managerial discretion. These will be split into separate straight wagers which will be split evenly. Plays on correlated events will include: multiple selections against the same team or player, multiple selections on the same player in the same event, or any combination in which an event will affect further selections in the play. No player will benefit if there is any doubt of the intentions of correlated plays, and the winnings will be voided without warning. Any selections made after the event starts based on occurrences that have developed during play will be deemed “past-post” and treated as theft for both regular game lines and life wagering. In-plat offerings for events will be labeled on the wagering option. Points scored on a second half are the only points which count in a 2nd half wager. If an event is suspended, abandoned, postpones, or rescheduled the event becomes NO ACTION. Kickoff dates and times posted on our websites are not guaranteed accuracy and starting times of all events available will be listed in US Eastern Time (UT).

You must be 18 years old or older to use our services. By placing a wager on our site using BetAnySports Internet software, the customer agrees to any and all rules, regulations, and policies posted on the website. Any and all regulations, rules, and payoffs contained herein are subject to change or revision by BetAnySports without prior notice to the customer. Standard Las Vegas rules apply to wagers or rules not covered by our rules and regulations.

Football Wagering:

Concluded professional and college games are deemed official after 55 minutes of play. The time on the clock after the scoring plays is used for grading purposes. When the ratio between the side and total is greater than 3:1, Parlays including site to total of the same game are allowed. Total score, 2nd half wagers, and full game score wagers include overtime scoring. The USA Today/ESPN Top 25 Football Coaches’ Poll wagers is determined based on the poll posted after the BCS Championship Game. Teams will receive up to 1500 points, and the points earned by teams which do not finish in the top 25 are listed as “Others receiving votes.” In the event that neither team receives a point in team vs. team matchups, all wagers on the paring are graded “no action.” In the event amendments to the poll are made after the release, the standing will not affect wagering.

Basketball Wagering:

Concluded NBA games are deemed official after 43 minutes of play, Concluded games scheduled for 40 minutes of play are deemed official after 35 minutes.

When wagering on total scores, full game, or second half wagers, overtime is included. NBA first and 6-minute wagering results will be determined by viewing digital recordings of the broadcasts. Only broadcasts by ESPN, ABC, TNT, and NBATV are valid for clock times and grading. Any play-by-play log of the game cannot be used or considered for any claim. This includes the websites for NBA or ESPN,,, etc.

Scoring for the first 6 minutes of half wagers are only valid if the ball is through the cylinder and net before 5:59.

For NCAA first and next 10-minute wagers require the ball to be through the cylinder and net before 9:59 for valid baskets.

First half scoring changes which are made during or after halftime will not lead to changes or invalidation of wagers posted during halftime. Changes made during commercials will not lead to changes or invalidation of live-in-play wagers.

In the event the television broadcast and stadium clock are out of sync (and when the stadium clock cannot be seen), the television broadcast clock will be used for all grading.

Overtime is not included in fourth quarter wages unless otherwise specified and noted.

Baseball Wagering:

Pitcher options for Baseball game moneyline and first 5 inning wagers are as followed:

Listed Pitchers– In order for moneyline wagers to have action both listed pitchers must start the game. All total and run-line wagers are for listed pitchers.

List One Pitcher– If your specified pitcher is not the one who starts the game, you have no action. If the opposing pitcher to your selection is changed, the moneyline price will be revised. This is only available on phone wager placements.

Action– If there is a pitching change the moneyline price will be changed and the odds will be revised based on the new pitchers.

Regular season and exhibition games are deemed official after 5 innings of play (in the event the home team is winning, it is official after 4.5 innings). In the event the game is called or suspended, winners are determined based on the score after the last full inning. In the event the home team scored to tie or took the lead in the bottom half of the inning, the winner is determined based on the score when the game was called. A game must go 0 innings (8.5 if the home team is ahead) for all bets on baseball totals or run-lines.

Post season professional games are not deemed official until the declaration of the winner. If the game is delayed, the wagers will have action when the game is completed, but only if the game began on the scheduled date.

NCAA baseball tournaments, NCAA softball tournaments, youth league tournaments, and international tournaments have action with the final score regardless of delays or schedule changes.

All first 5 inning lines will be graded at the end of the 5th inning. All 5 inning wagers will have action whether or not the game is played in full. In the event a game is not completed or official, the following propositions still have action at the time of occurrence: 1st 5 inning wagers, 1st inning wagers, 1st score, or any wager relating to a player being the first to achieve an outcome. If a game does not complete 8.5 to 9 innings, the following will be graded as NO ACTION: player match-ups (incl. total bases), H-R-E wagers, team statistical match-ups, team total runs, or other wagers involving the over/under format.

Wagers on a softball, baseball, or little league game which has ended because of a mercy rule will still have action unless otherwise noted. For total base wagering, both players must START for action. Players earn one point for a single, two points for a double, three points for a triple, and four points for a home run. Both stolen bases and walks to not count for points.

If at least two games are completed, regular season series wagers will have action. The first three games of a series are the only ones which count for wagering purposes. When a team has won two games I a series, they will be graded.

When betting on total runs scored in a series, all three games must be played on the scheduled date. In the event a game is called before completion, suspended, or fails to go the full 8.5-9 innings on the scheduled date, all wagers will be graded no action. Any runs scored in extra innings will be included in wagers on total runs scored in a series. For a wager to have action, the pitchers listed on the first game of the series must be the pitchers who start.

Unless otherwise noted, pitcher strikeout props are valid only for strikeouts thrown.

In the event any game is rained out or final before the completion of 8.5 innings, the Baseball Grand Salami has no action.

Any scoring changes done after the end of an inning are not valid for wagers, but the total hits for teams shown on the television broadcast at the end of the inning is deemed official for single inning total hit wagers.

Flyouts occur when an out is recorded without the ball touching the ground. A groundout is recorded when an out is recorded when the ball touches the ground. Parlays which include moneylines are allowed on select options when the totals are of the same game. Parlays with sprwads to same game totals are not permitted. Wagers relating to total runs scored include extra innings.

Hockey Wagering:

Concluded hockey games are deemed official once 55 minutes of play has occurred. This included outright and 60 minute wagering.

Overtime is not included in third period lines.

A goal credited during overtime or shootout counts towards the final score used for grading, as per NHL rules.

For International and leagues outside of North America, overtime is not included in the final score unless the wagering options OUTRIGHT or ADVANCES are listed.

Parlays with spreads to total of the same game are not permitted, but those including moneylines to totals of the same game are allowed with certain options.

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