Many other popular casinos offer rewards for regular guests, and we’re following the examples of Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Lake Tahoe with our amazing rewards program.

Our rewards program will offer amazing offers to you based on the frequency of which you play at our establishment. This values regularity over amount spent, so if you’re playing the nickel slots or if you’re trying to make it big at the high rolling blackjack tables you will get amazing rewards. Our Promotions and Bonuses can fit any style of betting and playing and we’d like to ensure each and every guest understands the program for the maximum benefits. Throughout this site you will find detailed information in regards to this program.


  • Deposits will receive 20% Free Play upfront, with a maximum Free Play amount set to $200 to qualify for rollover.
  • Customers outside of North America can receive up to a $50 Free Play Bonus.
  • Multiple accounts are prohibited in the following sportsbooks: 5Dimes, Sportsbet, Island Casino, Nicabet, Betanysports, ChineseBookie, and VietBet.
  • Fees for Person to Person deposits will be reimbursed in instances where the deposits are $300 or more.
  • Any Credit, Debit, and e-wallet transactions will incur a 3x Rollover and 7-day hold before withdrawal is possible.
  • Any fees paid by our company for Person to Person deposits may include a 3x Rollover and 7-day hold on the deposit before withdrawal is possible.
  • For any money sent back to us following a payout, we are not required to pay bonuses.
  • To find out if your account is eligible for bonuses, contact us and we will perform the necessary checks. Any and all bonuses must be claimed within 24 hours of the deposit. This can be done via phone, email, or Live Chat.

Reduced Juice Rewards:

  • This program is considered a promotion and it is only available online.
  • Reduced Juice does have limits due to the recreational nature of the program. Restrictions are set based on Management decisions.
  • The bet limit for this program is $500 per bet.
  • Each sport has a “Reduced” section where the lines are posted, and the lines are posted the same day as the event.
  • All management decisions are final.

Racebook Rewards:

All Racebook Rewards track odds, plus 10%.

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