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Customers with phone accounts will have access to lines and sports wagering online with accounts connected to that phone number.

We offer betting services for many sports and activities, from baseball to football, boxing to hockey, racing to handball, and more. BetAnySports have a huge variety of live-action sports our customers can bet and wager on. We even offer betting on sports other companies neglect, like European water polo. We offer many bet types as well, such as: straight bets, teasers, monsters, parlays, and if bets. We offer rolling if bets for most pending plays as well. Our Reduced Juice options offer the best odds on our site and our service is unmatched. We offer the best customer support and the best betting options (including phone and online).

Live BettingLive In-Play Wagering

Live in-Play wagering offers live, in-game betting on football games, basketball games, tennis matches, UFC matches, and everything in between. To find these wagering options, log into the Sportsbook and navigate to “Straight & Rif” on the menu. When live In-Play wagering is available, you can find it under the sport in question, and it will be labeled “Live In-Play,” and you can begin making bets and wagers in real time as the game progresses.

Updated often occur during commercial breaks when the game in question is televised. Other sports and games will update between rounds. If you come back to the game or event the same day it’s going on, you can find the In-Play options listed under the event.

live sports betting - Live BettingLive Betting Extra

On the day of most bettable sports events, you can find in-game options for soccer, hockey, tennis, basketball, and baseball. Logging into the BetAnySports Sportsbook will start you on your path. You will then click on “Live Betting Extra” from the drop down menu, and then you can see the available events and upcoming events. Our user friendly interface keeps the in-game wagering process easy and stress free.

You can place your bet by clicking on “Now in Play” on the wagering menu. You can then choose the sport and game you would like to wager on as well as browse other upcoming games and events (under “Next 24 Hours”). Once you have selected the game you would like to bet on, a Bet Slip will appear and you can enter the amount you’d like to bet and click “Place Bet,” to be on your way.

Live Betting Plus

Live Betting Plus offers our guests even more in-game betting options, displaying these options in a visually appealing and user friendly interface.

Once you are at the Live Betting Plus section, you can select a line from the day’s soccer, ice hockey, baseball, basketball, rugby, volleyball, or other matches. You can log into the Live Betting Plus page under the Sportsbook main menu. You then simply need to navigate to the “Today’s Events” page and choose from the impressive list of games for the day. You will then discover the myriad of in-game options, including: outright winner odds, game totals, team totals overtime odds, halftime lines, handicaps, and more.

Log in to see today’s game selection and check it out.

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